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Ireland offers a mysterious cure for insomnia

We just finished reading another great post from the Opinionator Blog over at NY Times. The author of the latest article writes about her journey around Ireland in search of an insomnia cure. It turns out she found it - in County Sligo. Unfortunately the author doesn't know the exact [...]

Useful mattress advice for insomnia sufferers

We've written before about bed manufacturers marketing their wares as potential insomnia cures and how pressure points can make sleep difficult. We're not going to start saying that the cure for your insomnia is a new mattress (if only it were so simple) - however, if you're in the market [...]

Is a lack of vitamin D the cause of your insomnia?

I just finished reading an article over at SFGate about vitamin D. Apparently, we are missing out on our vitamin D intake as we become increasingly conscious of the potential health hazards of sun exposure and slather ourselves with sunscreen. According to the article, a lack of vitamin D has [...]

Natural insomnia remedies you can try today

We've written a few different posts about natural insomnia cures - particularly when it comes to food and diet. With the help of AOL Health, we thought we'd round up some suggested natural insomnia remedies you can try today. Hops - Work as a mild sedative. Jamaican Dogwood - Acts [...]