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Avoid insomnia – don’t become an astronaut!

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston, astronauts get less than six hours of sleep on orbiting space shuttles and barely more than six hours when on the International Space Station - even though NASA allots 8.5 hours of sleep for all space-traveling astronauts. Furthermore, about 75% of [...]

Did we just discover the brain’s secret sleep switch?

We cycle between 2 basic sleep states when we sleep; rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). Non-rapid eye movement sleep includes the deep sleep (or slow-wave) sleep stages. Scientists recently set out to discover whether nerves in our brainstem that are suspected of promoting slow-wave sleep are [...]

We all have a controllable sleep switch (the fruit fly said so)

Who would have thought the humble fruit fly could have such a big impact on the field of insomnia research?! From mutating amino acids to speed up the body clock to destroying the insomnia gene, the fruit fly is continuing to teach us about the elusive 'sleep switch'. Sleep is [...]

Ironically, caffeine may help us cure insomnia

... or at the very least, understand it better. We've all heard the insomnia advice urging us to avoid caffeine after 3pm (although some insomnia sufferers claim that coffee actually helps them sleep). Rather than being the insomnia boogeyman, it turns out that caffeine may help us better understand insomnia [...]

As the cost of insomnia rises, insomnia research declines

Insomnia is expensive (and potentially dangerous) - especially when it goes untreated. Yet at the same time, the amount of research going into insomnia is in decline. According to research from Dr Ritterband over at the Huffington Post, there are only 194 studies related to insomnia being funded by the [...]

Why the fruit fly may change our understanding of sleep and insomnia

Researchers have found a single gene (appropriately named insomniac) that plays a key role in helping us stay asleep. Researchers at Rockefeller University genetically screened 21,000 fruit flies. They found that mutations in the insomniac gene were associated with a dramatic reduction in sleep. On average, a typical fruit fly [...]