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Melatonin receptors could be the key to curing insomnia

We know that melatonin is important in sleep. We also know that the effects of melatonin supplements can be hit or miss when it comes to improving sleep. Now a study out of McGill University suggests that manipulating melatonin receptors could help us cure insomnia. Researchers determined that there are two [...]

Antidepressants and benzodiazepines making driving more dangerous for seniors

We already know how devastating the effects of sleep deprivation can be when it comes to driving. We also know that sleeping pills can severely impair your ability when behind the wheel. Now, a new study has found that when senior drivers in particular are prescribed antidepressants along with sedatives, [...]

Women are twice as likely than men to take prescription medication for insomnia

We already know that women are more likely to suffer from insomnia compared to men - and now it appears that they're also far more likely to seek a pharmaceutical cure for their insomnia. According to IMS Health, a healthcare consulting company, just shy of 15.5 million women aged between [...]

Sleep deprivation increases the risk of depression

The fact that insomnia may cause depression is perhaps unsurprising to many insomniacs, yet researchers are still split as to whether insomnia is a symptom or a cause of depression. Sleep problems are usually seen as a symptom of depression - however it appears that newer research is finding that depression [...]

Insomnia sufferers less likely to seek healthcare, more likely to use it

OK, bear with us on this one. It may sound predictable, but a recent study found that those who suffer from a lack of sleep or a related problem are more likely to have had a healthcare visit within the past year (85% vs 59%). When compared to those without [...]

Insomnia help for insomniacs in the East and West Midlands (UK)

Sleep problems are the most frequently reported psychological symptoms in Britain. Insomnia doesn’t only affect us at night; it also has a destructive influence on our efficiency at work, the quality of our relationships, our safety on the road, our general health, and many other aspects of everyday life. The [...]