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Could the fruit fly cure your sleep disorder?

Hot on the heels of yesterday's post about how a woman's circadian rhythm can affect her sleep, I've just found out about a new study that found mutating one amino acid in a single protein changed the circadian rhythm of the common fruit fly. By mutating the amino acid, researchers [...]

The reason why your lack of sleep is turning you into a zombie

We are prone to making more mistakes when sleep deprived - but why? Researchers from the University of Wisconsin recently set out to answer this question. In a study involving rats, they found that sleep deprivation resulted in brain neurons switching off. In other words, parts of the brain were [...]

Cure your insomnia by getting a divorce and working at McDonald’s

So you thought that a happy marriage and a well paying job would cure your sleepless nights, did you? Well, think again. According to research from Statistics Canada, single people get 24 minutes extra sleep compared to married couples or those in common-law unions. What's more, those who make $20,000 per [...]

This insomnia therapy could also help relieve migraines

It's perhaps no surprise that insomnia is relatively common among insomnia sufferers; some doctors even say that insomnia is the actual cause of many migraines. Todd Smitherman from the University of Mississippi is conducting a study to determine whether non-medication therapy for insomnia sufferers could also reduce the severity and [...]

Pear pulp, melatonin, magnesium and zinc – just what you need to cure your lack of sleep

Hot on the heels of our posts this week about magnesium as an insomnia treatment and melatonin being a questonable insomnia remedy, we have a new study to share with you. This one, hailing from Italy, found that taking a combination of melatonin, magnesium and zinc led to considerably improved [...]

Yet another health risk associated with insomnia

Here's another condition to add to the growing list of illnesses associated with poor quality sleep - colon cancer. According to new research, those who get less than six hours of sleep each night have close to a 50% increase in their risk of developing colorectal adenomas (precursors to cancer [...]