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The destructive power of sleep deprivation

John Naish recently took part in an experiment that reduced his sleep duration from his normal nightly eight hours to five hours per night for a week. After seven days, John began developing physical and psychological symptoms including an increase in stress hormones and gout. After just two days, John [...]

This insomnia therapy could also help relieve migraines

It's perhaps no surprise that insomnia is relatively common among insomnia sufferers; some doctors even say that insomnia is the actual cause of many migraines. Todd Smitherman from the University of Mississippi is conducting a study to determine whether non-medication therapy for insomnia sufferers could also reduce the severity and [...]

Is your insomnia medication making you violent?

A recent study from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices identified 31 drugs that are disproportionately linked with reports of violence towards others. At number seven on their list was the drug triazolam, also known as Halcion. Triazolam is a benzodiazepine that's often used to treat insomnia. It was found to be [...]

Turn your lights off if you want to cure your insomnia

I've written before about the link between light and insomnia. I even pointed an accusatory finger at Thomas Edison. Now, a new study has discovered that exposure to indoor light has a strong suppressive effect on the hormone melatonin. This can consequently affect the quality of our sleep as well [...]

Insomniacs burn more calories but expend less energy

A new study has found that missing one night of sleep forces the body to burn an extra 161 calories. Before you start considering insomnia as an ideal slimming aid, you should also know that the body tries to make up for this the following day by conserving energy. During [...]

New report agrees that insomnia needs to be taken seriously

A report published by the Mental Health Foundation argues that lack of sleep needs to be treated as a major health issue. The report also found that insomniacs were four times as likely to have relationship problems, three times as likely to feel depressed and three times as likely to [...]