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It’s time to stop patronizing insomnia sufferers

We're a little bit angry as we type this one. As we sifted through thousands of pages of insomnia 'advice' in an attempt to find some useful information to share, we came across a tip that is so preposterous we can't believe the author is serious. According to an article [...]

The destructive effect of insomnia

Insomnia Land has two missions. First, we want to offer genuine support and advice to insomnia sufferers. Second, we want to bring more attention to insomnia and help people understand what insomnia really is. On the latter point, today we want to share an article with you about how insomnia [...]

Live chat event for all insomniacs this Sunday

We're holding a live chat event for all insomniacs this Sunday, September 5th 2010. At the moment, most members of Insomnia Land chat, offer support, share advice and have fun within the confines of our insomnia help forums. We also chat over Twitter - but there's something missing. That something [...]

Yes, insomnia can kill

A morbid headline, but one I felt was worth using. I've mentioned before just how dangerous insomnia can be. Now, new research from the University of Warwick has come to some startling conclusions. Apparently, those who sleep less than 6 hours per night are 12% more likely to die prematurely [...]

The Insomnia Land community is now open!

We've got some fantastic news to announce - the Insomnia Land community is now open to new members. If you're looking for impartial insomnia advice (or just a place to go where you can forget about your insomnia and chat with people who know what you're going through) then our [...]

Inside the mind of an insomniac

This post is more for those that don't suffer from insomnia - we want to give you a better idea of what the typical insomnia sufferer has to go through each night when their brains keep them awake. This blog post from Kyle at The Reformed Buddhist does a great [...]