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Why sleep deprivation makes you hungry

Is your lack of sleep making you feel hungry? If so, there may be a scientific reason for it. Apparently, when we don't get enough rest, our bodies produce higher amounts of ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates hunger). Not only that, ghrelin also reduces the amount of energy we expend - making [...]

A lack of sleep makes it harder for you to learn

Sleep deprivation may make it more difficult for you to learn new skills. Apparently, whenever we learn new information or skills we need at least eight hours of sleep to fully process the information. This is all down to the fact that when we sleep, protein production increases which reduces [...]

Hops, insomnia and an experiment

A recent discussion in the insomnia help forums reminded me about a blog post from last October about hops curing insomnia. The son of one of our members recently watched a DVD entitled Grow Your Own Drugs that featured a British man who figured out that the flower can help [...]

One night with insomnia

We like to use this blog not only to share the latest insomnia news and research, but to educate people about what insomnia really is. We're going to start this week by sharing a night in the life of an insomniac. Highlights include watching everyone else fall asleep, being unable to [...]

Your insomnia is making you stupid

... if you've reached middle age, at least. A new study from the University College London Medical School found that those who usually get six to eight hours of sleep per night score lower on almost every test measuring cognitive function if they get less sleep once hitting middle age. [...]

A week in the life of an insomniac

A week ago, we asked a member of our private insomnia help community to keep a sleep diary for a week so that we could share the challenges insomnia sufferers have to deal with. We include it below. To all insomniacs: let this remind you that you are not alone. [...]