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Five insomnia causes

Thanks to another heads-up from community member A. Marina Fournier, we're sharing a list of five supposedly surprising causes of insomnia. To be honest, we don't find them all that surprising, but they could be helpful for those just starting out on their quest to discover the cause of their insomnia. Insomnia [...]

A sleepy driver might as well be a drunk driver

At this time of year we often hear about the dangers of drink driving. Less well publicized is the effect of drowsy driving - which can be just as dangerous. According to a study released by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, nine out of ten police officers reported stopping [...]

Insomnia makes you look ugly and unhealthy

We had to share this one - a Swedish study has found that people deprived of sleep appear less attractive and more unhealthy than those who are well rested. The researchers came to this conclusion by photographing volunteers after 8 hours of sleep and again after being kept awake for [...]

A diet recommendation for sufferers of circadian rhythm sleep disorder

If you find that you sleep and wake at odd hours, you might be suffering from circadian rhythm sleep disorder. If you are trying to fight the condition by forcing yourself to go to bed and wake up at more 'normal' times, you could well end up with symptoms of [...]

Severe fatigue could be a symptom of something more serious

If your symptoms of fatigue have only hit recently, you should get yourself to a doctor without delay. According to an article published on MSN Health & Fitness, a sense of crushing fatigue may be a sign of heart trouble - especially if you're female. According to the article, more [...]

The difference between delayed sleep phase syndrome and insomnia

Do you find it impossible to fall asleep before a certain time? Perhaps you suffer from delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) rather than insomnia. They're actually two different disorders, although they share similar symptoms. Many people who suffer with DSPS will consider themselves 'night owls'. No matter how hard they [...]