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What is insomnia?

This is a hypothetical question - we aren't going to write a 10,000 word article with a comprehensive definition. However, what we do want to write about is the issue that whilst there are specific definitions out there, people tend to interpret them differently (or don't really understand exactly what [...]

Thanksgiving creates and cures insomnia

It's Thanksgiving here in the USA tomorrow. We consider it a practice run for Christmas - whoever is hosting the occasion cooks up a feast, relatives get drunk, and then sleep or arguments ensue. So, if you're doing the hosting, the night before Thanksgiving may well be a guaranteed sleepness [...]

Insomnia: A symptom of a symptom?

Apparently, insomnia is a symptom - not a sleep disorder itself, but a symptom of a sleep disorder. Well, one symptom of this symptom is forgetfulness. Now, thanks to the heroic mice that 'volunteer' for medical studies a drug has been found that can counteract this memory loss. The most [...]

Insomnia comes in many forms

Again - we want to stress we aren't insomnia experts (we doubt that anyone can really call themselves an insomnia expert). Anyway, we're rambling. We came across an interesting article about postnatal insomnia - we'd recommend you give it a read. It's a good way of reminding ourselves that insomnia [...]