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Surprise: We’re still not treating insomnia properly

Unfortunately, doctors are rarely able to cure insomnia and they're often too eager to prescribe medication instead of permanent treatment options.This has been the case for a number of years and it would appear that little has changed (I know from reading comments in my insomnia support forum that many insomnia sufferers [...]

Foods that naturally fight these 8 common insomnia causes

The types of food we eat can strongly influence not only our sleep, but our overall health and wellbeing. Today I am going to identify 8 common insomnia causes and describe the foods that will naturally help alleviate each condition. Insomnia Cause: Stress Milk and whole grains both contain tryptophan [...]

The only two effective treatment options for insomnia

The authors of a paper published in The Lancet (see source link) claim that some of the most commonly prescribed drugs (antidepressants and antihistamines) have yet to be approved for treating insomnia.This further highlights the need for more research to evaluate how effective individual drugs are when it comes to treating insomnia.The [...]

Your doctor probably won’t be able to cure your insomnia

I often add a caveat to my blog posts along the line of 'always speak with your doctor first' - and that isn't going to change. However, one UK-based study has suggested that seeking insomnia help from your doctor probably won't increase your chances of beating insomnia. 474 individuals over [...]

This natural insomnia treatment may cause kidney failure, liver damage and muscle breakdown

I've mentioned kava as a potential insomnia treatment before. I've also warned that just because something is marketed as 'natural', it doesn't come without side effects. Indeed, kava root has already been linked with liver damage. Today, I'm sharing even more potential side effects of this 'natural' insomnia remedy; doctors [...]

This flashing blue light wants to cure your insomnia

The NightWave projects a pulsing blue light into your bedroom. You are supposed to keep your eyes open and synchronize your breathing with the light pulses. Over time, the pulsing becomes slower (slowing down your breathing) until the machine shuts off and you fall asleep. Or so the claim goes. [...]