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This group of insomniacs may benefit from melatonin supplements

I've written about melatonin for insomnia a number of times - and now I've just come across another study that looked at the effectiveness of melatonin supplements in those over the age of 55. The study found that those taking over-the-counter melatonin supplements fell asleep just over 6.5 minutes faster [...]

Sometimes, sleeping pills are absolutely necessary

We often write about the need for non-pharmaceutical insomnia treatments to be made more widely available, accessible and affordable. However, we want to make it clear that we aren't totally against sleeping pills. The fact is, many insomniacs rely on sleeping pills to cope with their sleep deprivation and make [...]

A list of popular over the counter sleeping pills and prescription sleep aids

I'm often mentioning specific insomnia treatments here on the Insomnia Land blog. Although this works well when I want to share the latest insomnia news and research, it's not particularly helpful if you're simply looking for a list of the most popular insomnia treatments. With the help of Pharmacy Times, I [...]

Cure your insomnia by having a stranger read you a bedtime story

If you're preparing yourself for another sleepless night, help could be at hand (if you live in New York City). Since May 2011, local artist Madhu Kaza has been reading bedtime stories to insomniacs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Madhu visits complete strangers and reads them a story as part of her artist-in-residence [...]

Could chronotherapeutics cure your insomnia?

The New York Times Opinionator blog recently published an article describing how two insomnia patients treated with chronotherapeutics managed to improve their sleep habits. Chronotherapeutics are methods designed to reset our internal circadian clocks. The article describes how one patient (after finding the optimum time to start the light therapy) [...]

Why sleeping pills aren’t always an appropriate treatment for chronic insomnia

This article from Abbotsford News tells us that sleeping pills aren't considered an appropriate treatment for chronic insomnia, and argues instead that homeopathic remedies are a better solution. The article argues that sleeping pills aren't appropriate because they: Have serious side effects that far outweigh their benefits Are only moderately [...]