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Hops, insomnia and an experiment

A recent discussion in the insomnia help forums reminded me about a blog post from last October about hops curing insomnia. The son of one of our members recently watched a DVD entitled Grow Your Own Drugs that featured a British man who figured out that the flower can help [...]

Is your insomnia down to hyperarousal and relentless wakefulness?

I have to admit that most members of my insomnia help forums tell me they are tired and would love to get a full night's sleep. However, according to Dr Rubin Naiman many insomniacs are hyperaroused - meaning that they're not sleeping simply because they are not feeling sleepy enough. [...]

Can’t sleep? Visit your dentist!

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you might want to consider taking a trip to your dentist. Not just any dentist, though - you want one that is a certified dental-sleep practitioner. Snoring is a problem - not only can it disrupt the sleep of those around you, it may [...]

Insomnia needs to be taken more seriously

Did you know that the Challenger Disaster, the Chernobyl meltdown and the Exxon Valdez oil spill were all linked with workers who were sleep deprived? OK, we'll accept that most of us aren't astronauts or nuclear scientists - however, many of us will have jobs that require us to be [...]