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Cure insomnia by boiling an egg at midnight

I was going to make this a serious post, sharing a list of foods that may help you fall asleep naturally. I was going to mention almonds (due to their magnesium content), dairy products (for their tryptophan content), cereals (to encourage serotonin), non-fat popcorn and honey. However, when I got [...]

Can a hammock cure insomnia?

Almost a year ago to the day we wrote about a product that promised to help you sleep by rocking you like a baby. A recent study has now confirmed that a rocking motion can help people fall asleep faster and enjoy improved sleep quality. Before you rush over to [...]

It’s time to stop patronizing insomnia sufferers

We're a little bit angry as we type this one. As we sifted through thousands of pages of insomnia 'advice' in an attempt to find some useful information to share, we came across a tip that is so preposterous we can't believe the author is serious. According to an article [...]

Your lack of sleep could be genetic, according to blind Mexican cavefish

Remember when we told you that the zebrafish may hold the cure for insomnia? Well, it looks as though another type of fish wants to get in on the action. Apparently the blind cavefish spend much less time sleeping compared to other closely related species. Scientists have suggested that the difference [...]