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Insomnia associated with a higher risk of heart disease

Last year I reported on a study that found insomnia sufferers were more likely to suffer from heart disease and even strokes compared to healthy sleepers. Now another study has reached a similar conclusion. The new study looked at data from 16 studies involving 122,501 individuals who were followed for [...]

Hope you cope with the day’s events affects the quality of your sleep

New research has found that our sleep quality is affected by the way we process the events of the day. The Belgian study saw 28 participants presented with a negative-failure scenario. Half were asked to address the situation with understanding and acceptance and the other half were asked to address [...]

The insomnia advice many insomnia sufferers continue to ignore

How many times have I harped on about removing electronics from the bedroom and avoiding gadgets before going to bed? Regardless, it appears that insomnia sufferers aren't heeding this advice. A recent survey found that insomnia sufferers were 30% more likely to spend more than forty hours per week online, [...]

We need to support sleep deprived pilots and flight attendants

In March, a JetBlue pilot started acting strangely. He began ranting about September 11, made allusions about terrorism and ran through the cabin yelling about Jesus, terrorists, Iran and Iraq. Captain Osbon was eventually subdued by a passenger and the plane was diverted and landed safely. After being charged with [...]

The link between depression and treatment resistant insomnia

I've made the case for a link between insomnia and depression before (but in the interests of balance and fairness, another study discredited such a link). Recently, I came across an article that found those with major depression have high rates of insomnia which is highly resistant to treatment. Furthermore, the [...]

Four ridiculously easy steps you can follow to cure your insomnia right now

Note: for those who are not regular readers of Insomnia Land, please set your sarcasm detectors to 'high'. According to the 2012 National Sleep Foundation Poll, insomnia sufferers simply need to follow these steps and their insomnia will be magically cured: Step one - make your bed in the morning. [...]