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Could defective drywall be the cause of your insomnia?

Here's another reason why it's so important to consider your home environment when trying to figure out the cause of your insomnia. Eleanor Aguilar purchased her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2007. She noticed a smell coming from a bedroom closet; the developers told her it was simply a [...]

The ultimate insomnia resource

The University of Maryland has put together a fantastic article about insomnia that all insomniacs (and everyone curious about the condition) should read. It details insomnia causes and a whole host of insomnia treatment options, including medications as well as natural insomnia remedies. Here are some of the key points [...]

Your blood may hold the cure for delayed sleep phase syndrome

Researchers from the University of Zurich recently discovered that it's rather easy to manipulate our circadian clocks. By taking a young person's skin cells and growing them in the blood of an older person, the circadian genes themselves aged. Apparently, there's something in the blood that has a very real [...]

Do you have a sleep disorder? Answer these 6 questions to find out

We don't like the term 'insomnia' being thrown about - we think it's overused and misunderstood. One night of being unable to sleep is not insomnia. If a cup of hot chocolate is your 'insomnia cure', then you don't have insomnia. At the same time, we don't want to disrespect [...]

How to calm your restless leg syndrome and improve your sleep

There's a strong link between restless leg syndrome and insomnia - we've written about it numerous times. So today, we thought we'd dig around for some tips on relieving your RLS. We found that you should avoid (or reduce your intake of) tobacco, alcohol and caffeine as these can make [...]

Take sleep more seriously if you want to be successful

One of the reasons why Insomnia Land exists is to remind insomnia sufferers that they are not alone. Even though it can seem as though nobody else understands what you're going through, our insomnia help forums are full of members who know exactly what it's like. Arianna Huffington is a [...]