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Modafinil may reduce the effects of sleep deprivation

It's perhaps no surprise that many doctors suffer from sleep deprivation. Taking 600mg of caffeine (the required dose for maximum wakefulness-promoting effects) isn't ideal since it can lead to a case of the jitters which can make surgery a little complicated, so a recent study looked at a drug that could [...]

Blame being left-handed for your lack of sleep

We came across an interesting snippet of information in our research today; apparently, if you're left-handed you're more likely to suffer from periodic limb movement disorder - a sleep disorder that's closely related to restless leg syndrome. Unfortunately, the study doesn't explain why those who are left-handed seem to be [...]

The prevalence of insomnia in cancer patients

We already know that cancer is one of many insomnia causes. I've also written about suggestions that insomnia may even cause cancer. Today, I want to talk more about cancer as a potential insomnia cause. According to a study out of the Laval University Cancer Research Centre in Quebec, more than [...]

If insomnia is so inexpensive to treat, why is it still so prevalent?

I've long suspected that insomnia is often ignored by the medical profession since treatment is often billed under a psychological code which pays poorly (compared to sleep apnea which normally costs around $10,000 to treat and is usually fully covered by insurance). I recently came across an article confirming my [...]

Is this how we’ll be diagnosing and treating insomnia in the future?

We know from discussions with members of our insomnia help forums that sleep studies aren't usually all that helpful when it comes to diagnosing insomnia. If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep in the comfort of your own bed, it's unlikely you'll be able to sleep in an [...]

Women sleep better than men, but more likely to suffer from insomnia

We already know that insomnia is more prevalent in women than men. Whether that's down to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause or because women use their brains more, we don't yet know. That being said, I recently came across an article arguing that women actually sleep better than men, [...]