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Are thermostats to blame for all our sleep problems?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I often talk about artificial light being a menace to sleep health. Not only does the very existence of artificial light in the form of light bulbs encourage us to spend more time awake, the type of light emitted by the numerous [...]

The lightbulb that could end up curing your insomnia

I've written on numerous occasions how light influences our sleep. Now it would appear NASA is taking notice and developing a solution to help its sleep deprived astronauts. As I've shared with readers before, the wavelength of blue light acts as a stimulant by suppressing our body's melatonin production. However, [...]

Could this pair of glasses cure your insomnia?

Light affects sleep in a number of different ways - so perhaps it's no surprise that an increasing number of companies are looking to cash in.The latest product that caught my eye is called the Re-Timer. Basically, they're green light glasses that supposedly help to adjust your body clock.Apparently, green [...]

Turn your lights off if you want to cure your insomnia

I've written before about the link between light and insomnia. I even pointed an accusatory finger at Thomas Edison. Now, a new study has discovered that exposure to indoor light has a strong suppressive effect on the hormone melatonin. This can consequently affect the quality of our sleep as well [...]