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melatonin for insomnia

The truth about melatonin supplements for insomnia

I'm pretty active on Twitter (if you're on there, you can follow me here). One thing I see on there (a lot) is people complaining about their insomnia. That's fine (it's always good to vent). However, I also see a lot of replies from people who then recommend melatonin supplements. In [...]

How to boost melatonin levels naturally to improve your sleep

Regular readers of this insomnia blog know that I am not a huge fan of melatonin supplements when it comes to treating insomnia. There are ways to naturally increase your melatonin levels, though. One way is by eating more tropical fruits. A small clinical crossover study out of Thailand selected [...]

The insomnia drug that’s often overlooked (and why)

Circadin is a prolonged-release melatonin and was found in Scottish trials to be an effective insomnia treatment. Despite that fact, prescriptions are still relatively low as doctors prefer to prescribe faster acting drugs such as Ambien - despite the side-effects and dangers they come with. It's thought that Circadian (the [...]

Melatonin may help you sleep and lose weight

I've written about melatonin for insomnia a number of times here on the Insomnia Land blog. Generally speaking, I am not a fan of melatonin supplements. They're often misused and they come with a number of side-effects. That being said, an increasing number of studies are finding melatonin to be [...]

The side effects of melatonin supplements

I've covered melatonin as an insomnia treatment a few times since it's popular with many insomniacs due to the perception that it's safer than pharmaceutical alternatives. Did you know that outside of the United States, melatonin supplements are far more tightly controlled? In New Zealand for example, they're only available [...]

This group of insomniacs may benefit from melatonin supplements

I've written about melatonin for insomnia a number of times - and now I've just come across another study that looked at the effectiveness of melatonin supplements in those over the age of 55. The study found that those taking over-the-counter melatonin supplements fell asleep just over 6.5 minutes faster [...]