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Paradoxical intention therapy is an easy technique to help you sleep

Most cases of insomnia are caused by incorrect thoughts and behaviors towards sleep. Known as psychophysiologic insomnia, sufferers often focus far too much attention on their sleep (or lack of it). This makes sleep more difficult, creating a negative cycle of worry and sleep deprivation. Healthy sleepers tend to take a passive [...]

Can Celtic sea salt cure insomnia?

A few years ago, I wrote about a study from 1945 that suggested cutting back on salt can improve sleep. Yet it turns out that salt may not be all bad, after all. Some have suggested that breathing salt can be beneficial to sleep. Now it would appear that the [...]

What to do when you can only exercise late at night

Exercise can improve sleep. If you want to use exercise as a natural insomnia remedy to help you fall asleep, it's best to exercise within three to six hours of bedtime to give your body temperature enough time to fall. Exercise should be avoided in the three hours before bedtime [...]

A proven natural insomnia remedy for older adults

A recent study set out to determine the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation as a way of improving sleep in older adults. The research involved a small group of adults with an average age of 66 who had moderate sleep disturbances. Half were taught mindfulness awareness practices and half were taught [...]

The flowering plant that wants to relieve your insomnia

Stachytarpheta cayennensis is a flowering plant in the verbena family that is thought to have anti-anxiety and sedative properties. The plant, also known as cayenne porterweed, snakeweed or false verbena is considered by some to be a natural alternative to benzodiazepines. In order to experience the plant's sedative effects, the [...]

Moxibustion: The insomnia remedy you’ve never heard of

Regular readers of this blog will know that I believe acupuncture is well worth a try if you want to reduce the symptoms of insomnia. I recently came across another study that confirmed the positive effects of acupuncture on sleep. However, this one came with a twist. 120 insomniacs were [...]