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The insomnia cure that’s cheap, effective and ignored

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is one of the most effective (and permanent) ways to improve sleep. Unfortunately, access to CBT can be difficult - but new studies are suggesting that CBT can improve sleep quality even when delivered over the telephone. The latest research involved 30 chronic insomniacs who [...]

The insomnia cure that’s absolutely free (and sometimes abundant)

Apparently, more than half of the entire world's population is deficient in vitamin D. This is worrying - particularly when you consider that a lack of vitamin D has been linked to the increasing epidemic of sleep disorders. This deficiency is perhaps unsurprising when you consider an average day in [...]

Cure insomnia by depriving yourself of sleep

There's an interesting article over on ABC news that starts out talking about a traditional session of cognitive behavioral therapy and how it helped one insomnia sufferer. What was more interesting (to me at least) was the latter half of the article that outlined a more radical treatment. Dr Leon [...]

Cure insomnia with DIY cognitive behavioral therapy

Regular readers of this blog know I am a huge fan of cognitive behavioral therapy as an insomnia treatment - simply because it does away with sleeping pills and is effective over the long term. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to CBT (often due to availability or expense). The good [...]

The murky world of sex, prolactin and insomnia

Believe it or not, sex and insomnia are closely linked. Sleep deprivation and chronic insomnia can affect sex drive and even sexual function. According to an article in The Chosun Ilbo, sex can even be a good natural insomnia remedy - but only for men. The theory goes that sex [...]

How to cure insomnia through sleep restriction

One common (and effective) tactic to help insomnia sufferers improve their sleep is sleep restriction therapy. Sleep restriction therapy works by increasing sleep drive and sleep pressure. If you want to improve your sleep, sleep restriction is well worth a try. Throughout the day, we naturally become tired and begin to [...]