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How to boost melatonin levels naturally to improve your sleep

Regular readers of this insomnia blog know that I am not a huge fan of melatonin supplements when it comes to treating insomnia. There are ways to naturally increase your melatonin levels, though. One way is by eating more tropical fruits. A small clinical crossover study out of Thailand selected [...]

Could this Halloween staple help cure your insomnia?

Pumpkins aren't just for decoration - they could help improve your sleep, too. Pumpkin seeds (and pumpkin seed oil) are a good source of magnesium and tryptophan. There are a number of pumpkin seed powders on the market but I prefer eating the real thing whenever possible - and at [...]

Clinically validated natural insomnia remedies

We're big fans of natural insomnia treatments, but there are a lot of snake oil merchants out there hoping to take advantage of our sleep deprived desperation. We've therefore decided to highlight a few natural insomnia remedies that scientific studies have shown to be effective at improving sleep. Mindfulness-Based Stress [...]

The search for a natural insomnia remedy

We often write about natural insomnia remedies and although most of the time we are cynical (HUUUUUUUU), we appreciate that some do actually work (and even have a scientific basis). So, wouldn't it be good if we could compare a few of the most popular natural insomnia remedies? Fortunately for [...]

Cure insomnia by playing with your tongue

Relaxation exercises help you sleep by breaking your brain's cycle of checking whether or not you're asleep. Meditation also helps. Now for a new one - playing with your tongue. Ted Buss is an insomniac from Wichita Falls. He'd heard that a good trick was to concentrate on suspending your tongue [...]

MBSR could help cure your insomnia

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) brings together yoga and mindful meditation to help treat conditions such as chronic pain and insomnia. Studies have found that MBSR can have positive effects on insomnia and can even improve sleep for sufferers of chronic insomnia when combined with Lunesta. We've written before about yoga [...]