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Adaptogens may be the natural insomnia cure you’ve been looking for

Here's evidence of the power of community. After writing a recent post about a South American herb that offers potential insomnia relief, one of our readers (A. Marina Fournier) pointed us in the direction of an article over at Care2 that listed even more herbs that may be helpful when battling [...]

Get kayaking if you want to cure your insomnia

Karen Parkkonen, a 45 year old woman from Vancouver, OR, took leave from work due to neck and shoulder pain, depression and insomnia. After trying different medications and therapists, Karen purchased a kayak. After paddling two to four times each week, she immediately started to feel better. We know that [...]

Is facial reflexology an effective natural insomnia cure?

We're all for insomnia cures that don't rely on drugs so we're excited to share this one. Apparently, facial reflexology is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for insomniacs - but only if the insomnia is stress-related. According to Chinese medicine, our energy flows through our bodies via twelve invisible [...]

This South American herb may help relieve your insomnia

We've been sharing natural insomnia remedies all week, so let's finish off with another one. Yahoo recently posted an article that listed ten natural ways to get a good night's sleep. We've heard most of them a thousand times before, but one caught our eye: passionflower. Apparently, passionflower (also known as [...]

Recommended essential oils for natural insomnia relief

We've written before about aromatherapy as an insomnia cure. Now we've come across a good list of essential oils recommended for natural insomnia relief and of course, we want to share it with you. According to Dr James Geiger over at Basil & Spice, the following essential oils should be [...]

That leotard you bought in the 80s may help cure your insomnia

Exercise such as yoga can relieve insomnia. Now a new study has found that aerobic exercise helps relieve insomnia and improve mood in middle-aged and older adults. The study was undertaken by Northwestern Medicine. The findings are particularly important as around half the population that fits this demographic report chronic [...]