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Recommended herbal teas for natural insomnia relief

When it comes to herbal remedies for insomnia, herbal tea is often mentioned as a natural insomnia cure. However, I often find chamomile claiming all the glory and knew there had to be more options out there. So, I went looking and here's what I found, courtesy of NYCTCM. Scallion [...]

Cure insomnia with these meditation techniques

I've written before about meditation as an insomnia cure but I rarely share meditation or relaxation techniques. I thought I'd change that today by sharing a couple of articles I recently come across over at The first article suggests letting your eyes drop out of focus before trying to [...]

Midnight milkings offer hope for insomnia sufferers

According to an article in the Guardian, a German company has patented 'midnight milk' - a milk that contains 25 times more melatonin than regular milk. To produce this dream milk, the cows are exposed to high levels of light during the day and low levels of light during the [...]

Further evidence that a bed of nails can cure insomnia

Remember when we told you that sleeping on a bed of nails can cure your insomnia? Well, the idea has gained even more weight now that Linda Nolan (from The Nolans) tells us how her bed of nails helped her fall into a deep sleep after using it for the [...]

Insomniacs give pumpkins a purpose after Halloween

We know that many of our readers are fans of natural insomnia remedies, so here's one to add to the list. Apparently, people who consume pumpkin seed oil claim it helps cure their insomnia. We couldn't find any scientific evidence or reason for this, but if you've been taking pity [...]

Recommended essential oils for natural insomnia relief

We've written before about aromatherapy as an insomnia cure. Now we've come across a good list of essential oils recommended for natural insomnia relief and of course, we want to share it with you. According to Dr James Geiger over at Basil & Spice, the following essential oils should be [...]