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Cure your insomnia with the help of climactic finales

According to this article from Helium, watching television can help you sleep - but it all depends on the type of show you watch. Apparently, sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother, Will & Grace, Friends and That 70’s Show often conclude each episode with a climactic finale which [...]

Prevent insomnia by avoiding that late night curry

Whilst reading this run-of-the-mill insomnia advice, we came across a little nugget that we thought we'd share - avoid spicy foods before bedtime. If you really can't resist, make sure you eat that vindaloo at least two hours before you go to bed. Unfortunately, we can't offer you any advice [...]

It takes a special type of mushroom to cure insomnia

Ever heard of cordyceps before? Neither had we. Apparently it's a type of mushroom that's common in Chinese medicine. Cordyceps are thought to boost your immune and respiratory system, enhance stamina and improve the quality of your sleep. According to an article over at TODAYonline, Rachel Ng suffered from heart palpitations, [...]

That leotard you bought in the 80s may help cure your insomnia

Exercise such as yoga can relieve insomnia. Now a new study has found that aerobic exercise helps relieve insomnia and improve mood in middle-aged and older adults. The study was undertaken by Northwestern Medicine. The findings are particularly important as around half the population that fits this demographic report chronic [...]

Acupressure offers natural insomnia relief

We've written before about acupuncture increasing sleep time by three hours. Now, it's time for acupressure to take the spotlight. According to a new study out of Taiwan, those who received acupressure on the HT7 points of both wrists saw a significant improvement in their insomnia. The researchers also concluded [...]

4 foods that are natural insomnia remedies

There are some types of food that insomniacs should avoid. On the flip side, there are also foods that relieve insomnia. We recently came across some more of the latter, and thought we'd share. According to a recent article published at That's Fit, the following foods should be included in [...]