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Maybe your nose can cure your insomnia

I've written before about aromatherapy as an insomnia cure; now the Chicago Tribune reveals more scents that may help relieve your insomnia symptoms. Apparently, the scents of lavender (which I've mentioned before) along with green apple, cucumber and baked goods are great anxiety reducers and should help you fall asleep. We're [...]

Scientific proof for aromatherapy as an insomnia cure?

We like sharing natural insomnia remedies with our readers - so here's another one to start the week. A recent study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that two specific fragrances, vertacetal-coeur (which is derived from jasmine) and its chemical alternative PI24513, were just as powerful as sedatives such [...]

Ireland offers a mysterious cure for insomnia

We just finished reading another great post from the Opinionator Blog over at NY Times. The author of the latest article writes about her journey around Ireland in search of an insomnia cure. It turns out she found it - in County Sligo. Unfortunately the author doesn't know the exact [...]

Scrabble is the insomnia cure you’ve been looking for

We just finished reading a press release that serves up some interesting insomnia advice. In amongst all the stuff we hear a hundred times every day was something that caught our attention: When it gets near your chosen bedtime consider playing a board game ... gentle games such as Scrabble [...]