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Is high altitude to blame for your insomnia?

We just finished reading an interesting article over at Summit Daily News about a potential link between high altitude and sleeping problems. Apparently, sleeping at high altitudes of around 8,000 - 10,000 feet (where there is less oxygen) can exacerbate sleeplessness. We've not heard of altitude or low oxygen levels [...]

For women, insomnia is a side effect of using their brain more than men

A couple of weeks ago, we asked if insomnia was sexist. Now we know that not only are women more susceptible to insomnia than men, apparently women need 20 minutes more sleep than the average man. The reason for this? Apparently because women tend to multi-task, they use more of [...]

Is insomnia sexist?

We just finished reading an interesting article over at The Frisky titled, 'Since Women Are More Sleep-Deprived, Is Insomnia A Feminist Issue?' It's a light-hearted post and worth a quick read. The article raises some interesting issues and got us thinking - are women really more susceptible to insomnia than [...]

Insomnia? It’s the stress, mate!

Apparently, 51% of Australians blame stress for their insomnia. Let's look at this the other way around, though - almost half of those surveyed did not think stress was a factor in their sleeping problems. We think people are too quick to blame stress for their insomnia. Furthermore, why are [...]

Is stress really to blame for student insomnia?

Last month we shared a link via our twitter account to an article from The Harvard Law Record about a student who had given up sleep. We thought it was a pretty ridiculous article (you can make up your own mind). Now today, we came across a report from Queen's [...]