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If you struggle to fall asleep, you’re more likely to end up with depression

Our sleep changes as we get older - and unfortunately there are an increasing number of studies coming out that are finding a link between sleep deprivation and depression. One study out of Australia found that men over the age of 65 who found it difficult to fall asleep were [...]

Surprise: We’re still over-prescribing sleeping pills (especially to seniors)

Sleeping pills are still being over-prescribed. It would appear that this is even more common amongst older insomnia sufferers. According to British research, 1 in 5 seniors who suffer from insomnia haven't had their drug regimen reviewed by their doctor. This goes against official guidelines. Shockingly, two thirds of these [...]

How seniors can improve their sleep and emotional well-being without pills

We already know that yoga can improve sleep. Now a new study has found that yoga is particularly helpful when it comes to reducing insomnia and improving sleep in seniors. The Australian study involved 74 Israelis aged between 60 and 87. It found that those who practiced yoga for at [...]