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How to cure insomnia in seniors (without sleeping pills)

When it comes to sleep quality and insomnia, our seniors tend to get a raw deal. Not only are seniors more likely to find sleep difficult, the prevalence of insomnia amongst seniors is quite astonishing. Unfortunately, the typical response is to prescribe sleeping pills. Chronic insomnia can increase our risk [...]

If you struggle to fall asleep, you’re more likely to end up with depression

Our sleep changes as we get older - and unfortunately there are an increasing number of studies coming out that are finding a link between sleep deprivation and depression. One study out of Australia found that men over the age of 65 who found it difficult to fall asleep were [...]

How sleep changes as we get older (and what to do about it)

A few years ago I wrote that those over 60 are more likely to complain about not getting enough sleep - but in fact, they actually need less of it.Today I want to update this subject and talk about how sleep changes as we age, and how we can improve [...]

Antidepressants and benzodiazepines making driving more dangerous for seniors

We already know how devastating the effects of sleep deprivation can be when it comes to driving. We also know that sleeping pills can severely impair your ability when behind the wheel. Now, a new study has found that when senior drivers in particular are prescribed antidepressants along with sedatives, [...]

This sleep medicine could put older adults at risk for falls

A new study by the University of Colorado at Boulder found that 58% of older adults who took zolpidem (commonly branded as Ambien or Edluar) showed a significant loss of balance and an increase in cognitive impairment when awakened two hours after sleep. This may not sound all that significant, [...]