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Is the workplace inbox behind your insomnia?

It's no surprise that today's 'always connected' culture is putting pressure on people to be constantly available for work. As a result, more of us are checking our work emails and accessing work documents from home in the evenings and on weekends. A German study has determined that this is [...]

The sleep issues that face shift workers (and what to do about them)

Way back in 2011 I said that it was high time we took sleep issues related to shift work more seriously. Not only are shift workers more likely to have a workplace accident, they may even be losing brain cells. A more recent study has found that shift workers are [...]

Insomniacs (and shift workers) may be losing brain cells

I've already written about research suggesting that insomnia reduces IQ and cognitive function - now a study has found that sleep deprivation may actually kill brain cells. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania found that sleep deprived mice lost up to 25% of certain brain cells. Researchers attempted to mimic [...]

It’s time to take sleep problems related to shift work seriously

We already know that shift workers often have trouble with sleep (I've offered sleep advice for shift workers before). Recently, an Australian professor stated that the accident rate of shift workers is double that of non-shift workers. This is all the more concerning when you consider just how appealing the [...]