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sleep deprivation effects

The worst type of insomnia is finally revealed

Not that there's any 'good' type of insomnia, of course. Researchers recently set out to determine the extent of insomnia's damaging effects - specifically daytime impairment. This includes concentration, mood, energy levels, relationships and work functioning. The study involved over 10,000 participants. Of these, around half suffered from insomnia. 83% [...]

The consequences of insomnia

Here are a few more reasons why insomnia shouldn't be ignored. Before reading any further, let us remind you that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50-70 million US adults aren't getting enough sleep. Insomnia compromises your immune system Those who get only four hours of sleep [...]

Insomnia increases your risk of heart attack

We already know that insomnia may increase your risk of heart disease. Now a new study out of Norway suggests that insomnia sufferers are at a higher risk of heart attack compared to those who sleep well. The study looked at 52,610 men and women over an eleven year period. [...]

Sleep disruption could be destroying your memory

Sleep deprivation can make us feel as though we're losing our minds. Now, a new study suggests that sleep disruption is actually destroying our memories. The research used mice as test subjects and found that when sleep was disrupted, the mice found it harder to recognize familiar objects. Interestingly, the [...]