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sleep deprivation in children

How the US is destroying the intelligence of its children

Childhood insomnia is serious. Left untreated, it can become worse as a child gets older, making it more difficult to get rid of in adulthood. Although we know this, we're still subjecting our children to sleep deprivation through early school start times, light deprivation and over-exposure to technology. A study recently [...]

Your child may be suffering from sleep deprivation, not ADHD

It seems as though ADHD in children is rising at an exponential rate (the Centers for Disease Control puts the current number at almost 10% of all children aged between 5 and 17 years of age) - but one sleep expert feels that the majority of the 5 million+ children [...]

Is text messaging to blame for children not getting enough sleep?

I don't normally run with the same theme over consecutive blog posts, but further to last Friday's post about the importance of sleep in children I want to share with you something that was published in an article in The Sydney Morning Herald. Firstly, the article states that it's difficult [...]