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Should I nap if I have insomnia and can’t sleep at night?

Generally speaking, if you suffer from insomnia, naps are usually best avoided. That's because they reduce sleep pressure, so if you're trying to improve your sleep through sleep restriction therapy, naps can counter the very effect you're trying to achieve. However, naps aren't all bad. A recent French study found [...]

Over 60? You’re probably sleeping better than you think

About 5 years ago I wrote about the possibility that some insomnia sufferers may be getting more sleep than they think they are. A new study appears to back this up - at least in older adults. Researchers in the United States found discrepancies when comparing self-reported insomnia symptoms and [...]

Modafinil may reduce the effects of sleep deprivation

It's perhaps no surprise that many doctors suffer from sleep deprivation. Taking 600mg of caffeine (the required dose for maximum wakefulness-promoting effects) isn't ideal since it can lead to a case of the jitters which can make surgery a little complicated, so a recent study looked at a drug that could [...]

Would you like to spend $2500 to cure your insomnia?

Insomnia can be expensive; from a $60,000 bed to a sleep pod in a luxury hotel - some insomnia cures certainly don't come cheap. Now a hotel in London wants to get in on the 'desperate to spend' demographic with an insomnia package. At up to $2,500 per night, the Milestone [...]

Valerian may relieve insomnia in menopausal women

As we've said before, the scientific community is split when it comes to declaring whether valerian cures insomnia. Over time, this may change as new research is undetaken. Until then, nobody really knows how effective the herb is when it comes to overcoming your sleep deprivation. One recent study however, [...]

Feeling optimistic? Thank your insomnia!

It may be hard to believe, but there can actually be benefits to having insomnia. From our insomnia help forums: LindsayK - I get a lot of work done. IvanAleisterMesniaa - Insomnia gives me inspiration to write and it helps me think more rationally. yourfavoritecyn - I have more time [...]