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Sleeping pills aren’t a long-term solution for insomnia

People think the pills will help - but in fact they can make things worse. I don't believe everyone is told how addictive they can be. Avoid them if you can. These words come from the mouth of Paula Wynne. She was a solid sleeper until two years ago. After [...]

An alarming statistic for insomniacs taking sleeping pills

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry recently published a study that found the risk of dying increased by 36% when drugs were used to treat insomnia or anxiety. Those who took the drugs at least once in the month before the study had a higher chance of dying from any cause. [...]

Talking therapy is just as effective as sleeping pills when treating insomnia

A new report from the British Association for Psychopharmacology has found that talking therapy such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy works just as well as prescription drugs when it comes to treating insomnia. The report goes on to say that talking therapy should be the first treatment doctors recommend and that [...]

The danger of using sleeping pills to treat sleep maintenance insomnia

Most doctors are too eager to prescribe insomnia medication. This could have dire results, according to Dr Jerald H Simmons, director of the Sadler Clinic Sleep Disorders Center. The danger comes from sleeping pills prescribed to treat sleep maintenance insomnia (when you have trouble staying asleep rather than just falling [...]

The prevalence of sleeping pills for insomnia

We recently came across a press release from Global Industry Analysts, Inc which gave us some hard statistics on the prevalence of sleeping pills. 10-20% of the global population uses sleeping pills or tranquilizers to relieve insomnia and other sleep disorders. The US is the largest market for sleeping pills - accounting [...]