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More than half of New Yorkers are harming their sleep without even realizing it

When it comes to improving sleep, very small and simple lifestyle changes can often reap huge benefits. One of these involves simply switching off the electronics at night and keeping them out of the bedroom. A huge number of studies have found a link between poor sleep quality and the [...]

Yet another study confirms that computers and cellphones are bad for our sleep

Just a quick post today. It's more of a reminder, actually. Avoid using electronic items before bed. Yet another study has found a link between sleep disturbances and the use of mobile phones and computers. The latest study looked at 4,100 individuals between the ages of 20-24. It found that [...]

Can you blame technology for your lack of sleep?

I've already mentioned that technology can cause insomnia in children - I even singled out the iPad (and text messaging). Some really unfortunate insomniacs may even be allergic to electromagnetic energy. A recent study published by the National Sleep Foundation found that 43% of Americans between the ages of 13-64 [...]

Computers and phones can cause insomnia and leg pain in children

We've already mentioned that text messaging may cause insomnia in children. Now, data presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians argues that the use of any communication technology among children and adolescents is associated with insomnia, excessive movements and leg pain during the night. Daytime [...]

Does the iPad cause insomnia?

Itching for one of those shiny new Apple iPads? You might want to hold off... or at least think twice. According to the Los Angeles Times, iPads may cause insomnia. Apparently, the iPad's liquid crystal display is the culprit - because it emits light, it can inhibit the body's secretion [...]