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Computers and phones can cause insomnia and leg pain in children

We've already mentioned that text messaging may cause insomnia in children. Now, data presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians argues that the use of any communication technology among children and adolescents is associated with insomnia, excessive movements and leg pain during the night. Daytime [...]

Childhood insomnia increases risk of heart disease and stroke

Childhood insomnia needs to be taken more seriously and new research confirms this. Teenagers with sleep disorders tend to have a higher body mass index which can lead to higher levels of cholesterol - a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Even more worrying, in a study of over [...]

Insomnia encourages teenagers to overeat

We've mentioned before that insomniacs are more likely to gain excess weight. Now, a new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center has found that teenagers who sleep less than eight hours on weeknights consume an average of 245 more calories per day than those who [...]

The effect of video games on teenage insomnia

We've written before about the importance of sleep for teenagers and the risks associated with teenage sleep deprivation. We've even suggested that texting may be partly to blame. So what about that other popular teenage past time - video games? The Times of India reports on a new study which [...]

Sleep deprivation in teenagers can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide

We mentioned this a few days ago on our twitter page, but thought it was worth repeating and recording here. A new report has found that teenagers who go to bed after midnight are 24% more likely to to have depression than those who go to bed before 10pm. Furthermore, [...]