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what causes insomnia

Stress may not be the direct cause of your insomnia after all

It's no surprise that stressful events often lead to short-term insomnia. The real problem arises when short-term sleeplessness develops into long-term, chronic insomnia. It's thought that as many as 20% of adults suffer from short-term insomnia - and it's more prevalent in women than men. A recent study by the [...]

New study finds that genes influence insomnia

In the past 5 years I've written about 2 studies that have suggested insomnia may be genetic. This is an interesting area of research, but it doesn't come up all that often. That being said, I recently came across a new study that aimed to investigate whether insomnia in children [...]

Improve your sleep by returning that fancy Kindle!

Or at least, avoid using it late at night! As I've been saying for years now, using electronics at night is a bad idea. Not only can electronic gadgets be stimulating, but the light they emit can damage sleep. Unfortunately, this advice is continuously ignored, even as more studies come [...]

The link between insomnia and high cholesterol

Dyslipidemia (otherwise known as high cholesterol) is a risk factor for a number of conditions, including stroke and heart disease. A recent Chinese study suggests that insomnia is associated with higher rates of dyslipidemia - particularly among women. The study in question involved over 10,000 Chinese adults who were asked [...]

Sleeping pills not working? Maybe you don’t have insomnia after all

Nearly 2 years ago I reported on a small study that found 90% of insomnia sufferers experienced an abnormal sleep breathing event immediately before waking. Now, a larger study has found that those who find sleeping pills have little effect on their insomnia may actually be suffering from obstructive sleep [...]

The reason why seniors (and those with Alzheimer’s) find sleep difficult

As we age, we typically find it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep - yet we don't really know why. A new study set out to determine why seniors (and adults with Alzheimer's disease) appear to be more susceptible to insomnia. The study looked at the brains of 45 [...]