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what is the cause of my insomnia

10 drugs that harm sleep and may cause insomnia

We already know that drugs commonly used to treat attention deficit disorder, depression and hypertension may cause insomnia.Today I want to get a bit more specific and share 10 medications that can harm sleep.Alpha-blockersOften used to treat high blood pressure, alpha-blockers are thought to reduce rapid eye movement sleep.Beta-blockersLike alpha-blockers, [...]

Do wind turbines cause insomnia?

The Doctors for Disaster Preparedness blame wind turbine syndrome for sleep problems, irritability and even depression. Apparently, the low frequency sounds that are created by wind turbines can lead to frequent awakenings or arousals that may not be remembered. Arousals that occur during slow-wave sleep can even trigger parasomnias such [...]

The 6 social and economic causes of insomnia

A Finnish study recently set out to determine the factors that are most likely to cause insomnia. The study did this by taking data from a 2000 health survey. The data was collected from over 5,000 Finns aged between 30 and 79. Researchers discovered that women were more likely to [...]