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If you’re a woman over 50 with insomnia, you need to read this (if you want to sleep better)

When it comes to how well we sleep (or don't sleep), there does appear to be a difference between the genders. It's thought that hormonal changes are responsible for many cases of insomnia in women. If you want to improve your sleep without sleeping pills, moderate intensity exercise can really [...]

Women sleep better than men, but more likely to suffer from insomnia

We already know that insomnia is more prevalent in women than men. Whether that's down to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause or because women use their brains more, we don't yet know. That being said, I recently came across an article arguing that women actually sleep better than men, [...]

The reason why women are more likely to suffer from sleep maintenance insomnia

We already know that women are more susceptible to insomnia than men, whether that's down to alcohol, PMS, menopause or just being smarter. Now a new study has found a difference in the way women's bodies work which could affect sleep. Apparently, the circadian rhythm runs faster in women which [...]

Women who drink get less sleep than their male counterparts

We already know that insomnia is more prevalent in women than men; now a new study tells us that women who drink are more likely to suffer with sleeping problems than male drinkers. The study found that women who drank alcohol in quantities high enough to get drunk got around 20 minutes [...]

A natural insomnia cure for post-menopausal women

As we've mentioned before, more than 60% of post-menopausal women suffer from insomnia. Bioidentical progesterone cream might help, and now we've learnt that soy may also relieve your insomnia symptoms. According to Reuters Health, new research published in the journal Menopause reveals that soy contains estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones that [...]