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The challenge faced by parents of children with insomnia and/or ADHD

One sleep expert has argued that the 5 million+ children being treated for ADHD are actually suffering from sleep deprivation. At the same time, a lack of sleep has been associated with the rise of ADHD in children.

Keeping these two points in mind, we came across an interesting article today that mentioned insomnia as a potential side effect of ADHD medication.

Yes, you read that correctly - ADHD has similar symptoms to sleep deprivation and the medication used to treat ADHD may cause insomnia.

It looks as though parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD are stuck between a rock and a hard place, then. We'd recommend checking out the article in our source link for tips and advice on treating ADHD without medication.

Needless to say, you should always discuss treatment options for ADHD, insomnia or any other medical conditions with your doctor first.

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Last updated: June 8, 2012

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