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The dangers of insomnia when pregnant

Perhaps it's unsurprising that insomnia and pregnancy are closely linked, what with the hormonal and other physical and mental changes associated with pregnancy.

Regardless of how common insomnia in pregnant women may be, it should never be ignored.

It's thought that insomnia during pregnancy puts women at a higher risk for developing postpartum depression and that sleep disturbances may even get passed down to the child after birth.

It has also been found that pregnant women with insomnia are more likely to experience longer and more painful labors.

So how do you address sleep disruption when pregnant?

A pilot study suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy is the best option. CBT for insomnia doesn't require sleeping pills or other pharmaceutical interventions (which many pregnant women may want to avoid). Instead, it focuses on correcting incorrect thoughts and behaviors towards sleep.

Not only is CBT for insomnia more effective than sleeping pills, the treatment is effective over the long term (unlike sleeping pills which should only be taken short term).

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Source: University of Calgary

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Last updated: May 18, 2015

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