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The destructive effect of insomnia

Insomnia Land has two missions. First, we want to offer genuine support and advice to insomnia sufferers. Second, we want to bring more attention to insomnia and help people understand what insomnia really is.

On the latter point, today we want to share an article with you about how insomnia destroyed Bridget Davidson's marriage. After suffering from insomnia for seven years, her husband said she had changed beyond recognition. Bridget was depressed, irritable, snappy and negative.

Bridget didn't realize she actually had insomnia; sleeplessness and tiredness became normal to her. She began to resent her husband for being able to fall asleep right next to her within minutes of his head hitting the pillow. She didn't follow any of the typical insomnia advice or recommendations because she thought she was beyond help. Eventually, Bridget found a hypnotherapist who helped her beat her insomnia, but not before her marriage came to an end.

If only there were more resources for insomniacs out there, perhaps Bridget wouldn't have had to suffer for seven years. Perhaps if insomnia was taken more seriously and society better understood the condition she wouldn't have had to live in a state of depression and anxiety for seven years.

Bridget is just one example of why our mission is so important.

Source: Daily Mail

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Last updated: June 23, 2011

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