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The destructive power of sleep deprivation

John Naish recently took part in an experiment that reduced his sleep duration from his normal nightly eight hours to five hours per night for a week.

After seven days, John began developing physical and psychological symptoms including an increase in stress hormones and gout.

After just two days, John found that his days took on an almost dreamlike quality - his tiredness would come and go in cycles during the day and he'd find himself working almost on autopilot before a wave of exhaustion would hit him out of nowhere.

He found it impossible to concentrate and decided driving should be avoided. He found his diet changed - spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly became absolutely irresistible. Every morning he felt like he was hungover.

All this after only a week of sleep deprivation. Imagine what the millions of chronic insomnia sufferers have to go through when dealing with insomnia that has no predetermined end date. Although this experiment was far more controlled and less extreme that Peter Tripp's 201 hours of sleep deprivation, it's still shocking to learn just how badly sleep deprivation affects the mind and body.

Why is insomnia not taken more seriously?

Source: Daily Mail

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Last updated: May 16, 2011

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