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The effects of sleeplessness and insomnia

This one is more for those who don't suffer from insomnia. The New York Times Opinionator Blog recently posted an article about Peter Tripp - a DJ who stayed awake for 201 hours broadcasting from a storefront in Times Square in 1959.

Here's how that marathon of sleeplessness panned out:

In photographs taken at the beginning of the wake-a-thon, Tripp appeared confident and relaxed.

By day two, the sly grin had been replaced with a glum, nervous expression.

By day five, Tripp looked haggard, haunted and 'slightly crazed'.

When off the air, Tripp experienced 'wild hallucinations' - he saw mice and kittens in the studio. He was convinced his shoes were full of spiders. He thought his desk was on fire. After seeing the apparition of an undertaker, he ran out of the studio and had to be dragged back inside.

Although this may sound rather amusing as a stunt, there are many chronic insomniacs out there who experience these symptoms on a long term basis - and not out of choice.

Insomnia needs to be taken more seriously. We need to give insomniacs the respect, understanding and help that they deserve and need.

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Last updated: May 7, 2010

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