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The insomnia advice many insomnia sufferers continue to ignore

How many times have I harped on about removing electronics from the bedroom and avoiding gadgets before going to bed?

Regardless, it appears that insomnia sufferers aren't heeding this advice.

A recent survey found that insomnia sufferers were 30% more likely to spend more than forty hours per week online, 34% more likely to watch TV on a computer, 31% more likely to watch TV on a tablet and 24% more likely to watch TV on their phones compared to the general online adult population.

Furthermore, insomniacs were found to be 13% more likely to be on their phones whilst watching TV, 23% more likely to be on their tablets whilst watching TV and 10% more likely to be on their computers whilst watching TV.

With this much stimulation and exposure to artificial light, perhaps it's no wonder these individuals are finding it so difficult to fall asleep.

Source: ClickZ

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Last updated: June 5, 2013

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