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The link between depression and treatment resistant insomnia

I've made the case for a link between insomnia and depression before (but in the interests of balance and fairness, another study discredited such a link).

Recently, I came across an article that found those with major depression have high rates of insomnia which is highly resistant to treatment. Furthermore, the study in question found that the onset of insomnia during the recovery stages of depression can lead to depressive relapse.

The Japanese study looked at 128 individuals with first-onset major depression. Just over half had three to five residual depressive symptoms whilst in the first remission phase, with insomnia affecting 65% of patients.

During periods of depression, 91% of patients experienced residual insomnia. The researchers also discovered that periods of insomnia were more prolonged for each additional recurrence of depression.

Researchers concluded that insomnia needs to be diagnosed and treated early in the recovery process in order to reduce future recurrence of the condition and consequently improve the chances for a successful outcome when treating depression.

Source: Sleep and Biological Rhythms

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Last updated: March 15, 2013

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