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The link between insomnia and schizophrenia

Remember when we wrote about the increasing prevalence of insomniacs being prescribed schizophrenia drugs? Well, now we're hearing that improving our sleep heath can improve symptoms of schizophrenia.

In this latest study, researchers analyzed the circadian rhythm of individuals with schizophrenia. They found that those with schizophrenia were far more likely to have sleep problems than those with a clean bill of mental health.

It's usually thought that sleep problems in schizophrenia patients are due to a side-effect of medication or a result of unemployment. This latest study is particularly interesting since it removed unemployment and medication side-effects from the equation, suggesting that sleep quality is directly linked to schizophrenia.

It's worth reminding ourselves that no cause and effect has been determined as yet - however, we are seeing increasingly strong evidence that suggests that sleep problems and schizophrenia have common roots.

Perhaps if we can help individuals beat their insomnia, their schizophrenia symptoms will improve, too.

Source: British Journal of Psychiatry

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Last updated: July 16, 2012

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