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The real reason why pain likely to lead to insomnia

It's perhaps unsurprising that those who suffer from chronic or widespread pain are more likely to experience problems with their sleep.

However, a new study suggests that adults who suffer from pain for longer than a day are more likely to report sleep problems years later.

The study in question lasted for 3 years and involved over 6,500 individuals.

At the very beginning of the study, about 3,000 were experiencing some pain, whilst about 1,800 reported widespread pain. The remaining 1,800 or so individuals were experiencing no pain.

Most people with a sleep problem had widespread pain. Fewer had some pain and very few were experiencing no form of pain.

After 3 years, those with pain were more likely to report worsening sleep problems. Those with widespread pain were twice as likely to develop insomnia compared to those with no pain.

This suggests that it may not be the pain itself that is causing insomnia.

One theory argues that the consequent lifestyle changes (such as physical limitations and reduced social functioning) that are made in response to the pain may be the real culprit.

So the advice looks to be that if you're suffering from pain, it's best to remain as physically and socially active as possible in order to reduce the negative effects on your sleep.

Source: Rheumatology

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Last updated: November 3, 2014

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