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These sleeping pills may lead to memory loss

I've already written about a link between sleep deprivation and Alzheimer's. I've also explained that sleep disruption can affect memory.

Now a study has found that memory problems such as forgetfulness in those over the age of 65 could be down to sleeping pills and other similar drugs.

Researchers reviewed 162 studies on the medications most likely to affect memory, attention and concentration and found that benzodiazepines led to impaired memory and concentration.

Antihistamines and tricyclic antidepressants were found to damage attention and information processing.

What's becoming clear is this: Taking sleeping pills is a lot easier than more effective insomnia cures such as behavioral therapies - but they come with a lot of potentially damaging side effects.

Source: Drugs & Aging Journal

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Last updated: January 2, 2013

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