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This breathing exercise will help you fall asleep

I am a big fan of meditation and relaxation techniques such as virtual dreaming and breathing exercises when it comes to improving sleep quality. 

I came across a new breathing technique today that I wanted to share.

This is best done when lying in bed and ready for sleep, but you can also try it when relaxing in a chair.

First, breathe normally through your nose and concentrate on the tip of your nose. Notice how it feels cool when you breathe in and warmer when you breathe out. Feel the movement of the air and notice how it affects the inside of your nose with each breath.

Continue this for about 10 (slow) breaths.

Next, concentrate on how the air is moving with each breath higher up in your nose. Can you still feel a change in the temperature as you breathe in and out? Can you feel the resistance as the air passes from your nasal passage to the back of your nose? 

Continue this for about 10 (slow) breaths.

Now, concentrate on the air flow at the back of your throat behind your tongue. Are you still able to feel any temperature change with each breath? Does the air tickle your throat as you're breathing?

Continue this for about 10 slow and deep breaths.

Finally, concentrate on your lungs. How does it feel as your lungs fill with air and then empty with each inhale and exhale? Do you notice your rib cage or belly expanding with each breath? 

Concentrate on the movement of air going in and out of your lungs. It's similar to the shoreline of a beach and how the waves rise up and then recede. 

Concentrate on this for 10 breaths.

You can now focus on how much air you inhale and exhale on each breath. Try dividing your breath into thirds. Inhale about a third of the usual amount of air you'd breathe in, pause, take the second third, pause, then take the final third.  

Let out all the air, and repeat this process.


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Last updated: May 31, 2013

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