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Wind turbine syndrome, insomnia, and the nocebo effect

Roughly a year ago I wrote about a possible link between wind turbines and insomnia - and now I've come across another story that seems to back this up.

Apparently, dozens of families in Cape Cod are suing their town and the energy company for damages due to 'wind turbine syndrome'.

Just months after the energy company erected three 400ft tall wind turbines a few years ago, residents claimed to begin suffering from symptoms such as insomnia, tinnitus, dizziness and headaches.

It's worth mentioning that wind turbine syndrome isn't recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a health condition - however, there are case studies of people who have fallen sick after wind turbines were installed near their homes.

The effects are thought to be felt by those living within 1.5 miles of a wind turbine - but some experts have suggested the symptoms are psychological and stem from a 'nocebo' effect (when something harmless provokes a negative response in the body).

In any case, if you're an insomnia sufferer living in close proximity to a wind turbine, perhaps a move away may improve your sleep.

Source: Daily Mail

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Last updated: April 18, 2014

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